Learn More About These Vessels!

These handmade cement vessels come in our signature brown marble color intertwined with a hint of gold. Because of the process we use to develop these custom vessels, no two will ever look exactly alike and that's what makes them so unique! Expect variations. The inside of each jar is sealed with a non-toxic sealant to prevent seepage of the wax and fragrance oil. A non-toxic matte varnish is also applied to the outside to provide a beautiful finish.

The hand poured candles inside each vessel are made with a soy wax blend, cotton wick, and non-toxic fragrance oil. Vessels also include a matching cement lid, with the exception of the oval
planter. Planters come with disposable dust covers.

These vessels can also be reused in multiple ways (e.g. planters, pen, trinket/jewelry holder, or simply as a decorative piece for any home or office space). They come in round, tulip, oval, and dough bowl shapes. In addition, they hold between 5 oz and 12 oz of wax (depending on vessel type/size). 

Prices range from $25-$40

Note: These vessels can also be customized with different colors. To request a custom order with a specific color(s), email info@johnsonrustics.com and we will respond to your message within 24 hours to provide more details.